Suzie’s Story

Stylist & Colourist – Suzie McDonald

Suzie began her apprenticeship in 2001, at the award winning Wild Life salon in Kirribilli. It was there, working under the likes of Jayne Wild, that Suzie was exposed to the true art of hairdressing, which cemented the path she continues to tread today…

During her time there, she was four times a finalist in the Hair Expo Australian, Apprentice of the year awards– i.e. each year of her apprenticeship.

Suzie also worked at such prestigious events as the Aria awards in Australia and Fashion week in New York, where she assisted some of Australia’s finest Hairdressers including Jayne Wild and Sharon Blain.

As a Goldwell Stylist, Suzie travelled around Australia assisting Dieter Mersman, (expo colourist of the year), cutting and styling the models for Dieter’s workshops during a Goldwell, Australia wide, colour IQ tour.

Through all this, owning and managing a salon of her own was the end goal for Suzie.

She started a business from her lounge room in a rental apartment in Neutral Bay in front of a tiny dress mirror planted on a lite n easy foam box and an uncomfortable dining chair.

Her obvious talent ensured that her business grew quickly. Before she knew, it there wasn’t much time for working elsewhere.

November 2011!!  Suzie takes the giant leap and ventures out into the world of business, unaccompanied by the steady pay check she was previously receiving.

From this point, she works full time from her lounge room turned salon, which soon took over her apartment…

This leads to the opening of her shiny new shop in Roseville, where she now plans to enhance her reputation, realize her potential and grow her business.